What to Eat Pre and Post Workout to Maximize Your Workout Result

What to Eat Pre and Post Workout to Maximize Your Workout Result

Why do we need to do workouts?

Being active helps us to lead a healthy life. It keeps us away from the influence of any disease. But in today’s world due to our busy schedule, we tend to sit right in front of our desk doing our work the whole day and the whole night and this sedentary lifestyle is the only main cause for all the diseases we face especially obesity and diabetes. Hence it is very much necessary to engage yourself in regular exercise and therefore workout plays a very important role in keeping us fit and healthy. But not alone the workout is important, our diet is equally important and it plays an important role. It is said that in order to get the desired results, 80% is our diet and the rest 20% is the exercise.

So if you want to get that desired result, do a proper workout along with a proper and healthy diet as well as keep yourself hydrated for the results.

Why do we need to eat pre or post-workout?

When you work out, your body utilizes a lot of energy. Pre and post-workout foods are essential to keep the glucose level in balance. The pre-workout meal ensures that we have enough energy for the workout and helps in maximizing our performance while the post-workout meal aims at optimizing our recovery.

Skipping the pre-workout meal will decrease our stamina, strength, and the intensity of our exercise. It may even result in reduced blood pressure which is not a good sign. And skipping post-workout meals will not help in regaining the energy lost during the intense workout and as a result, we might feel weak.

Why do we need to eat pre or post workout?

What you should eat for your pre and post-workout?
“The meals around your workouts have a major role to play in the effectiveness and results you are going to get from your workouts”

People often get confused about what to eat before and after the workout. Here are some simple rules that will guide you on your proper diet.

Pre-Workout Meal

Pre-Workout Meal

A Pre-workout meal should be taken 30 minutes to 1 hour before hitting the gym. This meal fuel you up with the required energy to have an intense workout at the gym. If you work out an empty stomach your body starts catabolizing and you will start feeling low on strength and energy. So when you eat a pre-workout meal, that stores glycogen in your body which burns while you work out.

So the trick is to munch on mostly carbohydrates along with a bit of protein before a workout as a pre-workout meal.
When you eat carbohydrate-rich food they break down into glucose, enter our muscle cells and give us fuel to exercise at maximum.

Some snacks options to be taken before a workout are:-

• Granola bar
• Fruits like banana, apple
• Oatmeal
• Rice cake
• Smoothie
• Flavored yogurt with berries
• Juices, coconut water
• Flax seeds, salmon seeds, chia seeds
• Lemon and honey water
• Milk plus cereal
• Muesli and milk
• Handful of Dry fruits
• Avocado egg toast
• Apple and peanut or almond butter
• Sweet potato

Post-workout meal

Post-workout meal

“Post-workout meal is crucial for recovery, improves your ability to train consistently and helps in building lean muscle mass”.

A post-workout meal should be taken within 45 minutes of your workout. Because in this period your body is most active. It’s very important to have a post-workout meal as it will replenish the glycogen that has been depleted during your exercise and if you have protein after a workout it will help in speedy muscle recovery, particularly in weight training. Also, food contains electrolytes which you lose when you sweat.

If you don’t eat after a workout you end up fatigued and with low sugar.

Here are Some snacks options to be taken after a workout are:-
• Egg whites
• Salmon
• Protein-packed smoothie
• Tofu
• Beans
• Fish
• A protein-rich green smoothie
• Baked veggie with 1 potato
• Tuna salad sandwich on whole-grain bread
• Cottage cheese
• Whey protein
• Handful of dry fruits
• Bleach coffee
• Pita and hummus
• Grilled chicken with roasted vegetables and rice
• Salmon with sweet potato
• Quinoa bowl

Also, Make sure you are well hydrated before and after your workout. When your work out you lost electrolytes in the form of sweat and it is very necessary to replenish fluids within 12 hours of your next exercise session.


It is very necessary to have the pre and post-workout meal in the form of carb and protein.

The carbohydrates taken before the workout session gives us the energy to do our workout properly without feeling fatigued. And the protein is taken after the meal help in the recovery of the muscles.

Finally, staying hydrated is the most important step in getting the desired body weight along with diet and exercise.

Written by Rajnish Singh


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