Tips to Help you Get Leaner and Fitter Faster

Tips to help you get leaner and fitter

Losing weight and staying fit is the dream of many people. But some go beyond to achieve a lean physique with a toned body, but this can take a lot of effort. But before beginning your journey towards gaining a lean physique, one must understand their body type and then work hard to get a leaner muscle.

Here are few tips that are useful to get leaner muscle and a toned body.

1) The Stationary Bike

The Stationary Bike

According to Men’s Health UK, it is recommended to do a 4-minutes warmup ride to get lean muscles.

How to Perform:-

• Do a 4-minutes warm-up ride on low resistance
• Ride as fast as you can for 40 seconds then pedal slowly for 20 seconds so that you can recover.      Repeat this 10 times
• Then again ride as fast as possible for 20 seconds and then reduce the speed for 10 seconds
• Repeat this for 6 times
• Total workout should take 20 minutes.

2) Rowling Machine Workout

Rowling Machine Workout

This workout will help you out in building arm muscles while slimming your gut.

How to perform:-

• Start with a 3-minutes warm-up on resistance of about 5.
• Now set the resistance to level 10 then row as fast as you can for 30 seconds.
• Keep the resistance to level 10 but grab the handle with an underhand grip and row for 60                seconds at a pace slow enough to breathe. Repeat this 7 times.
• Alternate between rowing for 15 seconds at a fast pace and 15 seconds at a slow pace. Do this for 7 minutes.
• Cool down for 3 minutes by rowing at a slow pace.

3) The Treadmill

The Treadmill

Running on a treadmill not only just helps you in burning calories but also helpful in strengthening the cardiovascular system.

How to perform:-

• Start with a 4-minutes warm-up by running at a slow speed.
• Increase the speed of about 15kph for 90 seconds then reduce the speed to about 7kph, so that      you can jog for 90 seconds to recover. Repeat this 3 times.
• Then increase the speed to 17 kph for 60 seconds then again reduce the speed to 7kph, so that        you can jog for 60 seconds to recover. Repeat this 3 times.
• Cool down for 1-2 minutes by walking.

4) The Cross Trainer


Cross Trainer

This workout mainly targets on arms and legs.

How to perform:-

• Do a 3-minutes warm-up at a low speed
• Start with resistance at a low level. With every minute increase the resistance by 1 minute. Do this for 7 minutes.
• Then reverse the process and decrease the resistance every minute.
• Once the resistance goes down at a low setting, stay at pace for 3-minutes to cool down.

5) Alligator Plank

Alligator Plank

If you wish to have a strong and lean upper body then alligator plank might be useful to you. The Alligator Plank focuses on your triceps, abs, shoulder, and back.

How to Perform:-

• Start your workout in a plank position.
• Keep your elbows bent tight to your sides.
• Shift your weight forward while keeping abs engaged.
• Now start walking with your right hand moving forward for about 3 feet while dragging your feet along with you.
• Repeat the same for the left side.
• Try to repeat the entire process again for 30 seconds.

6) Static Kettlebell lunge

Static Kettlebell lunge

This will help to build lean muscle on your legs.

How to perform:-

• Hold kettlebell on either side of your body. Your palms should be inward.
• Now place your left foot forward and hold your right foot about 30 inches behind you.
• Keep your knees slightly bent while keeping your spine straight and your head facing forward.
• Lower your right knee until it is one inch away from the floor.
• Raise and push your front leg without inter locking your knees
• Start with 2 sets of 20 reps for each leg.

Few more tips on How to Get Leaner

• Increase your fiber Intake
• Focus on Muscle gain not weight loss
• Increase your protein intake
• Get into Calories Deficit diet
• Eat only when you are hungry, stop when you are full
• Increase the intensity of your workouts
• High-quality carbohydrates are your friends
• Eat clean
• Eat loads of vegetables and fruits
• Stay Hydrated


In order to get the lean muscle and toned body try to combine cardio with weight lifting. This combination helps in burning the fat effectively while giving you the body you desire. And of course, diet also plays a very important role in this.

Written by Rajnish Singh


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