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Is Sucrose Bad for you on Keto ? Major Side Effects and Foods

Is Sucrose Bad for you on Keto

Sucralose is an artificial sugar alternative discovered accidentally in 1976. When you remove three molecules of sugar (sucrose) and replace them with chlorine atoms, you get Sucralose. It is 600 times sweeter than white sugar but contains no carbs or calories. Hence it is the most popular sugar alternative in many diets.

Splenda is the most popular Sucralose-based sweetener.

Keto Products that contain Sucralose


Some food items containing Sucralose are:
• Candy
• Ice-cream
• Diet soda
• Fruit juice cocktail
• Toothpaste
• Chewing gym
• Protein Bar
• Protein Powder
• Supplements and Vitamins

Is Splenda the same as Sucralose?

Splenda is a Sucralose-based artificial sweetener. But it’s not pure Sucralose. The little yellow packets you see in restaurants or coffee bars contain this Sucralose sweetener.

Splenda contains maltodextrin and dextrose, two carbs that supply about 3 calories and 1 gram of carbs in each packet.

Maltodextrin is an artificial sweetener, filler, and binder. Its glycemic index (GI) is higher than the sugar which means it has the potential to raise your blood sugar levels higher than sugar.

Is Sucralose bad for you on Keto?


Though Sucralose might appear to be the suitable option for the keto diet as it is sugar-free and contains little to no carbohydrates. But the thing is it is highly processed and lab-created chemicals. Here are 3 important reasons to avoid Sucralose on Keto:-

1) Sucralose is dangerous when exposed to high temperatures

Sucralose is not a good substitute for sugar in recipes that involve baking as according to the studies, Sucralose could produce harmful components when exposed to high temperatures.

When heated, Sucralose became chemically unstable and starts to degrade. On heating, it releases the toxic compounds known as chlorinated aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons (CI-PAHs) and chloropropanols.

Even if you personally avoid heating Sucralose-based products. You have no idea if the sucrose in your protein bars or supplements was exposed to high heat during manufacturing.

2) Sucralose may promote Bad Cravings on Keto


Several studies suggest that artificial sweeteners cannot activate food reward pathways in the way that natural sweeteners do. In other words, the lack of calories generally means the reward component is missing.

Studies show that Sucralose may cause:-
• Sugar cravings
• Increased appetite and overeating
• Weight gain
• Higher insulin production

Hence, Sucralose or any other low-calorie sweetener can fuel cravings. Therefore according to one study, the consumption of intense sweeteners doesn’t lead to the desired calorie reduction due to increased appetite.

3) Sucralose may harm your Healthy Gut Biome

Sucralose and Splenda may disrupt your gut biome and encourage harmful bacteria to take over. As a result, it leads to, chronic liver inflammation, lower healthy gut bacteria levels.

According to one study, a single packet of Splenda eliminates 50 percent of healthy intestinal flora. Not only this, as per recent studies, daily intake of Sucralose increases the risk of developing tissue inflammation in the gut.

4) Sucralose could be harmful during Pregnancy

Researchers don’t suggest the use of artificial sweeteners in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. And the person suffering from migraines, diabetes, and epilepsy.

5) Sucralose promotes insulin resistance and diabetes


When Sucralose is consumed with carbohydrates, it can lead to insulin resistance and weight gain.

Consuming products that contain Sucralose may increase the risk of type-2 diabetes. When insulin levels in your blood are high, the stored fat in your body cannot be broken down and burned for energy. Therefore to determine whether Sucralose is keto-friendly we need to study its effect on insulin levels.
Thus this synthetic sweetener has a significant effect on insulin production, it inhibits weight loss and kicks you out of ketosis.

Is Sucralose Bad for you on Keto?

Yes. To determine whether Sucralose is keto-friendly we need to study its effect on insulin levels. And as Sucralose spikes your blood sugar and insulin level, it is bad for you on keto. With high blood sugar and high insulin level, it promotes fat storage, inhibiting ketosis and weight loss. For your body to burn fat for fuel, your insulin and blood sugar levels must be below.

Is Splenda keto-friendly?

The GI for Splenda is 80 due to maltodextrin and dextrose while the GI for sugar is 65. Hence Splenda also raises your blood sugar levels more than sugar. Hence again it is impossible for your body to get into ketosis.

Whether ketogenic diet or not, the sweetener unleashes unwanted side effects:-

• Eliminate healthy gut bacteria
• May form toxic byproduct
• Promotes metabolic syndrome and diabetes

Best Keto Alternative to Sucralose

1. Stevia
2. Monk Fruit


Why Sucralose is bad for you on keto? Because it raises your blood sugar and insulin level which leads to the risk of weight gain and type-2 diabetes.

Stevia and other sugar alternatives are much better keto sweeteners.

Written by Rajnish Singh


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