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9 Important Benefits of Eating Amla daily (Indian Gooseberry)

Benefits of eating Amla daily

The Indian gooseberry is commonly known as amla. Amla contains vitamin C more than an orange. Amla is cultivated throughout India. It is emerging as ‘super fruit’ now.
The gooseberries are round and light yellowish-green in color they appear to be translucent and they taste sour and bitter. Amla has many health benefits hence they are used for at least 1000 years to treat many health problems. To gain benefits of this superfood you can eat one amla daily or you can take about 40 ml of amla juice daily.
Even amla powder is also easily available and can be used in different ways to gain its benefits.
Here are some health benefits gained by eating amla every day.

1. Recovery from illness

illness recovery

Since amla contains a high amount of vitamin C hence it is helpful in quick recovery from any illness. Due to its high power of antioxidants eating amla or taking amla juice daily helps the body to fight any infection. Also eating amla help to improve brain function.

2. Controls diabetes

Controls diabetes

Amla fibers are soluble and dissolve in the blood hence slow down the sugar absorption rate of our body. Amla contains a high amount of mineral that is chromium. Chromium help in the digestion of carbohydrates and controls the secretion of insulin by beta cells. Being rich in vitamin C it help to repair pancreas cells and prevent further damage. Eating amla regularly can improve pancreas function.

3. Immunity

Amla has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties since it is rich in vitamin C. A half-cup of amla contains 300 mg of vitamin C. Consuming amla every day help to fight infection and prevent cough, cold , flu. Amla also prevents the formation of cancer cells. Due to rich in vitamin C it prevent from free radical damage that causes cell oxidation. Antioxidants prevent ageing and diseases like diabetes, cancer , and heart diseases.

4. Hair Benefits

4. Hair Benefits

Amla oil is a miracle for you if you are facing a huge hair fall. Eating amla or using its oil have many benefits. Amla strengthens the roots of hair, treat dandruff, prevent greying of hairs, is helpful in lice infestation, help in new hair growth.
Take amla fruit and grind it and then squeeze out its juice into a bowl. Then apply this amla juice directly to your hair roots for hair strengthening.
Amla powder can be used to make a hair mask. This is effective for hair follicle health for new hair growth.

5. Eyes benefits

Eyes benefits

Indian gooseberry is not only helpful in beauty benefits but also amla is amazing for your eyes health since it contains high amount of vitamin C and tannin it is beneficial to maintain your eyes health. Amla is helpful in prevention of conjunctivitis. Amla helps to prevent any eye infection.
Eating amla daily can help to improve you vision keep your eyesight safe for long time.
Studies have shown drinking amla juice daily make your eye muscles stronger reduce pressure inside your eyes. It can prevent you from cataract also.
If you take amla juice daily it can help to prevent stressed or tiredness of eyes by reducing redness, puffiness , or any eye irritation.

6. Helps in digestion and prevent constipation

Amla is high in fibers that help in regular bowel movements. Amla helps in improving metabolism and prevent constipation. Amla helps in releasing much gastric juice that helps in the digestion of food. When taken in controlled quantity amla is very effective to treat constipation. You can eat raw amla daily or you can take amla powder before going to bed at night for regular bowel movement.

7. Maintain liver health

Amla helps in removing toxins from our body and hence prevent liver from damage. Amla is helpful in liver cirrhosis, hepatitis. Amla is found helpful in preventing problems like fatty liver. Amla can also protect the effect of chemical-induced hepatocarcinogenetic.

9. Good for skin

Good for skin

Amla also help to improve our skin health. Amla can help to improve skin color, texture and pigmentation. Amla helps in fading any acne marks and work as an anti ageing agent. Amla speed up healing of damaged tissue in our body. Amla can effectively treat acne and its mark. Amla is a natural exfoliator.


1. Amla can be eaten raw.
2. It can also be taken in the form of amla juice. Amla juice is easily available in the market but juice can be extracted easily at home also.
3. You can use amla as pickle and chutney.
4. Amla is also available in powder form and is easily available and easy to consume.
5. Dried amla can also be eaten and give the same benefits like other forms.

Written by Rajnish Singh


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