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7 days Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss 2021

Indian Food

Losing weight could be challenging especially when you are living in India due to its food culture and dietary habits. A typical Indian meal is full of carbohydrates and sugar. In India we eat a lot of roti, rice, sweets and not just this even the snacks such as Namkeen, bhujia are all deep-fried and unhealthy which results in gaining weight. This is the reason most of the people in India are obese which is the reason most of the people suffer from various health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart diseases. So losing weight had become a major concern to most people now.

If you want to lose weight, you got to look carefully at your eating habits. Even your hardcore workouts in the gym will serve you no purpose if you don’t follow a good diet. As you are 80% of what you eat and your workouts account for only 20%.

The science behind weight loss

Do, Not eating at all or exercising a lot will help you lose weight? No! Weight gain or weight loss revolves around how many calories you consume and burn. There are two conditions when your body started burning extra fat
1. When you eat lesser calories than required by your body you started losing weight this is called a calorie deficit diet.
2. When you expend or burn more calories than you consume then also your body started losing extra weight.

So you should eat the calories as per your body budget to burn those extra kilos. But the question is how many calories you should take daily according to your weight and gender to make it calorie deficit?

Well, the popular diet in India that most people follow is either a 1200 Calories diet plan or a 900 calories diet plan that works wonders for both men and women and shows explicit results.

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The Best Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss

The Best Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Your diet plan should be balanced i.e.; it should be consist of both the macro and micro-nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

When it comes to losing weight, most people immediately go on a fad diet or GM diet to get the desired results. But these diets are of no good use. Though you might get results while following these diets, one your body will not get all the essential nutrients as in these diets you will be sticking to just one food option throughout, and two once you stop following these diets, you will gain back what you lost. Hence these diets serve you no good purpose.

First, before starting your weight loss journey, keep in your mind that losing weight permanently will take a long time. Nothing happens in one night. If you eat proper and clean and do regular exercise your weight loss will be at a faster rate.

There are various diet plans that are not only gaining popularity in the Indian market but also in the world. The two most popular of them are the Keto diet and intermittent fasting.

However, before jumping on these diet plans, I will suggest you start slow with a simple Indian diet plan. So that you will learn control over your eating habits. As IF requires you to be on a fasting window for 12-16 hours and that would be difficult for you if you are new to this weight loss journey. Therefore I suggest you start your weight loss journey with a simple Indian diet plan including your morning drink, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and mid-morning snacks.

Here is a sample of an Indian diet plan for 1 week that you could follow to get results:

1) Morning drink

Morning drink

For morning drinks you can have the following easy to cook options:-
• Warm lemon water
• Cumin water also known as the best fat cutter drink
• Methi water- Methi seeds soaked whole night and to be consumed the next day along with water
Pick anyone’s morning drink as per your wish for at least 15 days to get the best results. These morning drinks should be consumed first thing in the morning after waking up.


Morning Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But most people ignore their breakfast as they don’t feel much hungry in the morning but if you want to lose weight and you are new to this weight loss journey don’t forget to grab your breakfast on time. Because when you have your breakfast you don’t feel much hungry for the rest of the day and moreover it will provide you energy for the entire day.

Some easy to make breakfast options are

• Vegetable Poha
• Vegetable vermicelli
• Sooji chilla
• Besan chilla
• Any stuffed parantha- Aaloo parantha, Paneer Parantha, Pyaaz parantha
• A bowl of Black channa chaat
• Masala oats
• Eggs- Omelette, 2 Brown bread toast, and egg
• Idli
• Millet Porridge

These are the easiest breakfast options and these should be cooked in 1 tbsp ghee as ghee is the healthy fat and is required by your body. Preparation for these breakfasts doesn’t take much time and they taste delicious. But the trick is quantity. If you want to lose weight you should always take care of the proportion size. Don’t overeat your breakfast. Just 1 cup is enough. I suggest you buy a measuring cup and Take only 1 cup of breakfast.

Breakfast should be taken within 1 hour of waking up. So if you wake up at 8 am in the morning then you should have your breakfast by 9 or 9:30 am.

3) Mid-Morning/evening snacks

Mid-Morning/evening snacks

Most people will think that mid meals are not so important but the fact is these are as important as our main meals. If you are in your weight loss journey start taking the mid meals not just in the morning but also in the evening. Because evening and mid-morning is the most crucial time you might fail in your diet and fall for outside food, or just start munching to whatever junk food is present in the house. So to keep yourself under control from eating that junk. Take your mid meals on time.

Mid-morning meal should be taken between 11-12 pm while evening snacks should be taken between 5-6 pm

Though there are many other healthy options here I am suggesting some quick and easy ones. Hope you like them.

• 1 glass of buttermilk
• 1 fruit
• A bowl of Chana chaat
• Makhana
• Handful of nuts
• A cup of Black coffee
• Green tea
• Bhel Puri
• 1 Brown bread sandwich

3) Lunch


You should finish your lunch by 2 pm. Your lunch should be balanced, and it should contain all the macro and micronutrients.

Your lunch thali should contain 1 cup daal/Pulses (legumes) for protein, 1 Roti or 1 cup of rice for carbohydrates, 1 Cup Sbzi (vegetable) for fiber, 1 portion of Salad, and a small bowl of Curd (Probiotics) or 1 glass buttermilk. Avoid Curd if you are suffering from PCOD.

Here I am not suggesting you eat specific daal or sabzi as you can eat any daal or sabzi but keep in mind the quantity and it should not be cooked in loads of oil. Use normal mustard oil or olive oil that too in moderation.

4) Dinner


Your dinner should be as light as possible and you should finish it by 7-8 pm and maximum to 9 (because most of the people have a busy working hour).

There is less variety in dining options.

• You can have the same sabzi you took in lunch with 1 roti. Try to have only 1 roti at night. Or 1 cup of rice. Avoid taking both together. As both of them are sources of Carbohydrates. So you either take 1 roti or 1 cup rice. Try not to mix them.
• Tomato soup
• Bowl of papaya
• Bowl of salad
• Bowl of Chana chaat
• Boiled eggs
• Dalia/khichdi
• Roasted Paneer with veggies

6) Night Drink

Night Drink

Finish your eating window with a night drink. A night drink helps you to burn fat even while sleeping. It also helps you in the digestion of the food you ate the whole day.

An effective night drink you could take is
• cumin water
• ginger-turmeric water with few drops of honey.
• Chia seed water
• Basil seed water

7) Workout is equally important

Workout is equally important

If you think you can get the desired results only with a proper diet then you might be wrong. Though diet will show amazing results on your body after some time you might hit a weight plateau situation in which no matter what, how much you eat or not your body weight will get stuck and it would be difficult to lose those last extra kilos. That is when you have to give a shock to your body by introducing it with exercise and workout. By exercising your body will burn more calories than usual and as a result, it will lose more weight. And help you to get over with the weight plateau situation.

Tips for weight loss nobody will ever tell you!!
• Finish your dinner early
• Stay hydrated. Drink at least 4-5 liters of water daily.
• Eat clean, practice mindful eating.
• Chew each bite 32 times. Take time to finish each meal, at least 20-30 minutes.
• Have mid-meals, they are the most important.
• Don’t skip your breakfast
• Eat your food in proper proportion. Don’t overeat.
• Plan your meals a day before.


Losing weight is not as much difficult as it looks. It requires determination and hard work. Both your workouts and diet play an important role. Start your journey today to stay fit and healthy. As obesity not only brings diseases to your body but also breaks down your confidence in yourself. Though all the body shape and size is beautiful in itself if your body weight is bringing you no joy then you should take a step to change it. After all happiness and a healthy body are all that matters.

Written by Rajnish Singh


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